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Journey Home

Journey Home

In life journey, challenges and experiences give lessons, values, habits, beliefs ..… Take on personas to cope with whatever life throws in To survive in challenging or perceived difficult environment Thrive to excel and live to meet world’s requirements

How long have these personas been outlived ? As these layers are peel away, a space of peace is found beneath A peace the world cannot give A place called Home, where true self lives.

Come, Come Home The inner journey to a where I belong

Filled with grace leaving no room for judgment to be formed Home is where fame and image do not exist The heart is open to give and receive

Come, Come Home Home is where I long to be It is a splace where I am truly free A place rules by wisdom And a place to stretch my charism

Come, Come Home Home where love dwells A space where peace and joy are felt Serenity and harmony are in the air as well Home is where I dance to who I am, my authentic self

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