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What My Clients Are Saying

Peaceful Candle and Flowers

I was going through a season of loss and Kelly helped me gain self awareness and come out of the depression. I felt comfortable and at ease with her psychotherapy approach. 


The immense peace and fulfilling sense of calm I experienced after the session, was wonderful. It gave me strength to cope. I felt calmer – the exercises helped me overcome loss anger and sleep better.


I found balance back in my life and have since returned to full time employment after 5 years. I found it easier to control my emotions especially anger and pride.   I stopped dwelling on my losses. I talked and whined less and rested more."

Adrian Chan


Little and Large

"My journey with Kelly was empowering and healing. She has helped me untie knots stemming from my childhood. Her sessions were professionally done in confidence. I have tremendously benefited from it and have found peace within myself through this amazing therapy with her"

Pauline Elijaline Tan

Couple Holding Hands

"Kelly was the one accompanying us on our journey of healing at the beginning of our journey. She was patient and listened well and gave us good tips on how to progress in our healing journey. With her input we were able to continue on this journey, which did take some time. She also looked at each individuals psychological issues to help each to address and heal our own inner wounds and from that work on healing our relationship."

M. & O.G.

Couple Counselling

Meditation by the sea

After being diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer in the polyps in my colon, I tried my best to remain calm. I resisted the idea of surgery and chose to ‘wait and watch’.  Whilst undergoing further tests for the development of the cancer cells, I also searched for alternative treatments. In the midst of my family and friends praying for me, I underwent therapy with you


I believe that it is by the grace of God that you introduced to me hypnotherapy, which complemented my contemplative prayer practice of surrendering and letting go. Your hypnotherapy sessions heightened the subtle awakening of my subconscious and in turn promoted the whole process of healing at my emotional, spiritual and physical levels.


A medical check-up 1month after working with you revealed that the polyps in my colon had miraculously disappeared. I thank God for His grace and mercy to grant me a reprieve and I will gladly recommend such awakenings to anyone.


Thank you for your help, Kelly.

May the Grace of God be with you.



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